How to download the slrn newsreader

Several methods to download the current slrn

There are several different methods to get a copy of slrn. There may be a copy already available from your distribution if you are using Linux and perhaps this will be enough for you. It can be a better idea for you to obtain the "vanilla" source code for the release version and then compile and install it yourself. This way any decisions about configure options, patches and installation paths are your choices. You could also download , compile and install the development version of slrn. Consider the following options and decide which is best for you:

Use your distro's version

Perhaps the easiest way to instal slrn is to use the version that is supplied by your distro's package manager. For example an Ubuntu user can simply run:

$ sudo apt-get install slrn slrnpull slrnface

This should give a fully configured slrn and slrnpull package that should be reasonably up to date. Other Linux distros would use yum, rpm, installpkg as appropriate. Macintosh and BSD users will have different methods which are not covered in this page, feel free to email the site creator with details that can be added here.

Download the slrn release version

The source code for slrn 1.0.3 can be downloaded directly from the slrn releases page and compiled in the usual manner. Besides the obvious need for compiling oftware slrn 1.0.3 also requires version 2.2.3 or greater of S-Lang and its "development" files to be installed before compiling slrn. (If the required S-Lang library is not available from your distribution the source can be downloaded from John E. Davis's S-Lang Release Page.)

$ wget
$ tar xavf slrn-1.0.3a.tar.bz2
$ cd slrn-1.0.3
$ ./configure
$ make
$ su
# make install

The various configure options can be seen by using the ./configure --help command. Note: there has been a great deal of work done in recent times with slrn so you are strongly advised to use the release version 1.0.3 rather than older versions.

Download the develpment version

The slrn source code is configuration managed using git and may be obtained by cloning one of the following repositories:
For example, following command may be used to clone the latter repository:
$ git clone git://

This places the source code into a directory called slrn and from this directory the source code can be compiled and installed as demonstrated above. To update the source code simply issue the command git pull from the slrn directory and then compile and install as before. For those who do not wish to access the git repository in this way a development snaphot of slrn, and of other software produced by JED, can be found here.

Download a Windows Package

An 'unofficial' Windows package of slrn 1.0.3 is available to download from this site. This package has been created by Andrew Strong and has been compiled against libiconv and OpenSSL. Available in the package is a recent version of msmtp to allow 'reply by email' as well as a grab bag of slrn macros to experiment with and an slrn.rc file that has been modified to suit Windows needs. Two important links:

Feel free to suggest any changes to the package or report any problems found to the newsgroup" where Andrew is a regular.